Using Videos for SEO purposes

Business websites often have a set of videos to educate users about a product or service. It may be stuff uploaded through channels on YouTube, DailyMotion, or Vimeo. Still, that minutes-long video you shot through an electronic gadget may be valuable for your site’s search engine optimization (SEO) if you knew how to tweak it. An SEO company in Philadelphia can make it better for you in a number of ways.

Brand Awareness 

The three websites have their degrees of success in hosting videos that somehow go viral in a matter of time. YouTube, in particular, is effective at making your keywords for the video and its description rank. You still need to make and upload an enclosed-caption file. Arrange for attributions, which are links to a site page that has all your YouTube videos embedded – in this way your video, when seen on YouTube itself, will carry the tag “As Seen On.”

Trying to Rank

Videos like tutorials and demos are often used to help the website get higher search rankings for their educational value. Each video, however, must have its own page, with plenty of supporting content; the video itself should be posted on the page using a Flash player or an HMTL5 player with secondary Flash support. Try to avoid using any video-sharing website to ensure that traffic for your video gets directed to your site, and do not include any embedding code.


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