Small Social Media Sites with Facebook Potential

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are the biggest names in social media right now. As far as web traffic shares go, no other social media service in the industry can match up to them. However, it won’t stop the flurry of social media sites clawing their way to the top. In fact, experts believe that the following sites (and many others) have the potential to grow as big as the Big Three:


Currently at beta testing, Ello has been widely dubbed as the “anti-Facebook,” alluding to the social media giant’s recent real name policy. Co-founder Paul Budnitz says the startup doesn’t require personal information to join (although it’s invitation-only as of this writing). Artists and performers using pseudonyms are benefitting from this openness.


This mobile-only platform has accrued close to 200 million registered users since its debut in July 2011. By allowing uploaded images to remain for a limited time (up to 24 hours), users can show photos without the risk of going public. NBA used this to build up the excitement following Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant’s MVP award.


A breeding ground for just about everything on the Internet, Reddit is hard terrain for marketing. Many users shun blunt marketing attempts, but Shareen Pathak of Advertising Age says there are ways. While not directly marketing via Reddit, Nissan succeeded in penetrating the site with its announcement of selling the Versa via Amazon only.


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