Online PR Strategies You Can Use This 2015

An online marketing push is a good idea for many companies this 2015. Philadelphia businesses that aim for a wider online presence this year could expand their marketing efforts through the help of an SEO company in Philadelphia and through the following strategies for press releases:

Choose reputable news channels

One way to have your PRs get good online mileage is to distribute them to reputable news agencies or PR networks for publication, and to ensure these outfits receive new story content from you from time to time. Needless to say, the content must be interesting, well-written, and most importantly, accurate, to pass muster in meticulous newsgroups.

Create objective content

PRs have been unfairly labelled as “praise releases” due to the tendency of some PRs to go all out on self-promotion. Do away with that connotation by presenting PRs in an objective manner without losing sight of the promotional aspect.

Highlight positive reviews

SEO companies in Philadelphia such as KAFE, Inc., can help you track down and bring positive reviews about your company to the fore while creating positive content to draw your audience closer. This could be done by sharing links of the reviews and PR pieces on your business’s official social media pages.


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