Customer Nurturing via Tumblr: What to Know

Social media presence is becoming an important part of marketing. While online marketers working the social media circuit mostly focus on more well-known sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Instagram, they can dedicate resources to other social media sites you prefer to use. Among these choices, Tumblr should be a frontrunner for its unique benefits:


Blogging Delight


A Tumblr account can be a person’s or business’ main social media page, with a blogging service on it as well. The blogging mechanics are to your advantage as there are over 130 million Tumblr blogs, offering a considerable reach. The key to running one is Tumbler’s default dofollow HTML tag, which allows search engines to probe your content to achieve better rankings, especially when the material is interesting enough that visitors share it. Combined with Google Authority, this can help establish your credibility as a lead writer of material.


Younger Customers


With many young people spending significant parts of their days on social media, Tumblr can be a potent device for grabbing their attention, especially when your target market is mostly younger people. Industry observers note that at least half of all Tumblr users are between 18 and 25 years old; it’s possible many of them also patronize brands that have their own Tumblr pages.

It’s perfectly fine to try something new, as long as you’ve studied it well enough to see its benefits for your business. Let expert online marketers get the ball rolling with you.


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