Where to Publish your Content to Boost SEO

One of the more effective online marketing techniques of search engine optimization is producing timely and relevant content on a regular basis. Customers or site visitors should be able to find updated information about your products or the industry in general. Producing content with local-specific keywords, however, isn’t all there is to it when it comes to boosting your website’s visibility. This also involves publishing and distributing your content among locally appropriate sources, such as the following:

Social Media

From the beginning, the social media has always been among the best platforms to post and distribute content. By actively sharing content and links, including those from other local businesses, you enable yourself to build a large network of contacts and followers gradually, thus increasing your local relevance.

Neighborhood Websites

Each neighborhood in your region has its own website or bulletin-style event listing. This is the best platform to get your content posted, particularly if your business is going to be at an upcoming community event or if you need to announce important changes in your business.

Local News Sources

Local news sources will always want to publish something new on their website or on their paper. With good and interesting content, your story angle can get published in these outlets, which is as close as you can get to aiming for exposure on a national scale. Moreover, this could also boost your authority as an industry leader. Take note, however, to format your material in a way that is acceptable for a particular news outlet.


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