Four of the Most Common SEO Mistakes

With millions of businesses competing for billions of search requests every single day, it is no wonder that many business owners feel overwhelmed when it comes to digital marketing and SEO. The process of creating a high-ranking website with amazing conversion rates is not always going to be an easy one, but you can help save yourself from some frustration by steering clear of these common SEO mistakes.

Failing to Track Progress
No matter what strategies you decide to use, it is vital that there are tracking tools in place well beforehand. All SEO campaigns will require some minor tweaking, and it is impossible to make changes without clear and relevant data.

No Deep Links on the Home Page
Your home page is generally going to be the single most important factor when it comes to optimization. These pages must clearly direct traffic to content, contact information, and sales pages without overwhelming users with links and media.

Unreasonable Expectations
Even a well-funded SEO campaign is going to take time and patience for results to be seen. Business owners who expect immediate results will often find themselves disappointed and disillusioned.

Not Taking a Multifaceted Approach to SEO
There is no single tool that is going to put a website into the leading results for any keywords. The business owner and the SEO team must take a comprehensive approach to optimization, utilizing everything from Pay-Per-Click and link building to social media management and content development.


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