The Psychology behind Facebook Likes

Imagine a user scrolling down through Facebook’s news feed, pausing every now and then to like images, statuses, links, or updates. As a business marketing on social media, you may be wondering why users like some posts while completely ignoring others. In a nutshell, people click the “Like” button on certain posts because of very personal reasons:


Likes show who they are as an individual. Likes are more than just feeling a positive reaction toward an update or post. Now, it acts more like a feedback toward that person doing the ‘liking’. A person’s likes show who he is, what he agrees with, and what he’s all about.


Likes are forms of acknowledgement. Receiving or giving a Facebook like is considered “virtual empathy”. Clicking the like button instigates communication with another human being, and acknowledging them in some way.


Likes are implicit calls for feedback. A person liking a status or photo is implicitly expecting the other person to do the same from them. Though many might not like to admit it, most people feel more loved when they get more likes.


As a business, what can you do with these brief insights on the psychology of Facebook likes? First of all, you can use it to know your target audience much better. More important though, is that it can allow you to provide targeted responses to convert simple followers to avid and loyal supporters. Pay attention to your followers, and they’ll likely do the same.


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