Your SEO Strategy Needs To Include Social Media

Search engines, such as, Google, Yahoo, and Bing are increasingly giving more importance to content that comes from social media platforms. As the lines begin to blur between website and blog content and the content that comes from social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, business’s will find it more and more important to produce quality content on their social pages.

As more of this content gets indexed, it will become crucial for any business that wants an edge in its industry to include social media in its overall SEO strategy.

Your Follower Count Matters

The size of your social following does have an impact on your search engine rankings. But be clear about one thing: you don’t want low qual ity followers like the type that you buy for appearance purposes.

Posting helpful tips, useful articles, and getting your followers to engage with your content are all ways to build a quality following.

Getting People to Share Your Content

You can’t always force this outcome, but by building connections with influencers in your industry and creating high-quality content, you will most definitely increase the chance that people share more of your content. More shares equal a possible lift in your website’s domain authority.

If you’re confused or just too busy to take the time to include social media in your SEO strategy, you may want to seek the services of an SEO company in Philadelphia. Experts are waiting to make your social media pages shine.



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